Washer broken door

What to do if washer door won’t close

The start of any washing program is possible only after the door of the washer is automatically locked. If this condition is not met, then washing cycle simply won’t start. What to do if, for some unknown reason, the washing machine does not close the door? If there is such a problem, it is advisable

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Refrigerator care and preventive maintenance

Manufacturers describe in detail the operating conditions of refrigerators, but consumers rarely read basic recommendations. Because of this, the process of using devices is accompanied by a multitude of violations, leading to a decrease in the efficiency of the functioning of the units and a decrease in the terms of their intensive use. Usually, refrigeration

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How to replace hinges on the refrigerator

If the refrigerator does not freeze well, the first thing you need to do is examine its condition and visually identify possible malfunctions. The often mentioned problem is related to refrigerant leakage or damage to the seals. An equally common reason is the constant ingress of warm air from the outside, due to a loose

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The main malfunctions of the refrigerator

The refrigerator is a fairly popular household appliance. This appliance is in any kitchen, and every day its door opens several dozen times. Using refrigerators has already become a habit, and perhaps no one can imagine life without them. And if refrigerator suddenly breaks – it will become a real blow. Fortunately, in most cases,

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The main causes of oven breakdowns

Modern ovens are very durable, but the oven repair service is in demand. In most cases, the need to order such a service is due to the partial inoperability of the equipment due to a violation of the rules for its operation. Quite often, repairs are needed due to the damage from external factors. Sometimes

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Common washer problems

Today, a washing machine is in every home. If there is a problem, it causes a lot of inconvenience. In most cases, you can fix the equipment yourself, without the help of experienced professionals. Let’s take a look at such cases. The most common malfunctions The water stopped heating up. Most likely cause is in

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