Common washer problems

Today, a washing machine is in every home. If there is a problem, it causes a lot of inconvenience. In most cases, you can fix the equipment yourself, without the help of experienced professionals. Let’s take a look at such cases.

The most common malfunctions

The water stopped heating up. Most likely cause is in the heater. Sometimes a sensor failure may be a problem. If the problem is not in these two elements, then you should pay attention to the control unit. And another common problem with washing machines is limescale. In such cases, it is worth contacting a highly qualified specialist;

No water flow. The problem may be simple lack of pressure. The valve may still be faulty. The third, most rare problem may be a malfunction of the control unit;

Washer is constantly draining. If self-drain begins immediately, then the problem may be in the installation of equipment. If the program works, but self-draining is still in progress, then you should immediately call an experienced master;

Washer is not draining. The first step is to check the pump filter. If everything is fine with it, then you need to replace the pump. If you do not want this problem to occur again in the future, you have to periodically clean the filter;

Washer is not spinning. The problem is in the tachometer, the circuit, or the lack of contact. It is not possible to fix these problems on your own. A specialist should be called home;

Water under the bottom of the washer. The most common cause of this problem is broken drain hose. In addition, the problem may faulty drain pump or door gasket. Less commonly, leak from the tub.

The washing machine does not turn on. The line filter has broken or automatic protection has been damaged. Call a specialist;

Knocking sound in the washer. First of all, you need to understand if this is not a particular feature of this model. If not, then check to see if a foreign object has got inside. The bearing could fail. Another problem may be due to machine is not installed correctly. Call a professional;

The drum is not rotating. It could be a broken belt, failed transmission or bad motor. Sometimes the cause of the problem may be the malfunction of the engine tachometer.

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