How to replace hinges on the refrigerator

If the refrigerator does not freeze well, the first thing you need to do is examine its condition and visually identify possible malfunctions. The often mentioned problem is related to refrigerant leakage or damage to the seals. An equally common reason is the constant ingress of warm air from the outside, due to a loose cover of the door.

The stable presence of a gap between the housing and the door is often explained by the unsatisfactory condition of the door hinges. If they are broken, then it’s time to change them. Otherwise, your refrigerator will eventually become inoperative.

By the way, you can do such by yourself, although the process involves some difficulties. Next, we will talk about the causes and consequences of such breakdowns, as well as provide tips on replacing damaged hinges.

Why do hinges break, and then refrigerator stops cooling?

Damage to this hardware is usually due to two reasons. The first is the initially low quality of products. During the assembly process, the manufacturer may use not too strong material or violate production technology. As a result of this approach, after several years of operation, hinges break.

The second reason is a violation of operating rules. If you constantly loosen the door, slam or jerk sharply, overload door compartments, then the service life of the hinges will be significantly reduced. As a result you will have to order repair of the refrigerator or do this work yourself.

How to replace the hinges yourself during the repair of the refrigerator?

First you need to purchase new hinges. They must match previously installed ones, otherwise they will need to be changed regularly. After choosing and buying parts (and for this case it is better to call a specialist), you can proceed directly to its replacement.

Steps for replacing hinges on a refrigerator::

  1. Disconnect device from outlet;
  2. Unscrew hinges from the housing in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations;
  3. Carefully remove the door;
  4. Unscrew old hinges from the refrigerator door.

Next, you need to tighten the new hinges and perform steps 1-4 in the reverse order. It is important to verify the strength of the joints and the ease of movement of the door. You should also check the tightness of the door to the body. Only after that it is advisable to connect the unit to the power. Ideally, you need to change both hinges at once. This will help minimize time and effort. It is advisable to buy only original parts.

During the re-installation of doors, a level should be used. Uneven installation will adversely affect unit functionality. It is for this reason that the refrigerator often freezes badly and malfunctions occur in its operation. If there is no level, then you should rent it from friends or call a professional with all the necessary tools.

What will happen if you do not fix your refrigerators?

Some people think that broken hinges is nonessential.  This is a common misconception. Of course, the operation of this hardware doesn’t affect the main functionality of the refrigerator, but the indirect effect is quite noticeable.

With broken hinges, the door does not close normally, and therefore the products quickly deteriorate. More importantly, in this situation, the compressor wears out several times faster, and this is one of the most expensive parts of any refrigerator.

The longer the repair process is delayed, the more expensive it will cost. Therefore, if broken hinges are found, you should immediately call specialists or replace accessories yourself.

How to prevent refrigerator repair?

To prevent the potential deterioration of the hinges, there are few simple recommendations. Then you do not have to worry about the refrigerator not working properly, or any other issues related to the operation of the unit.

First of all, it is necessary to follow manufacturer’s instructions. Do not load doors with extra weight, don’t hang on the doors and don’t try to open them wider than hinges allow. In this case, hinges will last longer.

If hinges have already broken, you can call us and order a professional repair of the refrigerator in San Diego. We will relieve you of the problem quickly and competently, as well as provide a company guarantee for the results of the work performed.

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