Refrigerator care and preventive maintenance

Manufacturers describe in detail the operating conditions of refrigerators, but consumers rarely read basic recommendations. Because of this, the process of using devices is accompanied by a multitude of violations, leading to a decrease in the efficiency of the functioning of the units and a decrease in the terms of their intensive use.

Usually, refrigeration repair specialists have to be called in a few years after the installation of the device. By that time, the unit is freezing badly, randomly shutting down or not working at all – and these are just common reasons for contacting appliance repair. Fortunately such situations can be easily avoided. It is enough to know the operating conditions of the refrigerator and follow the recommendations. In this case, the device will work flawlessly, performing properly for many years.

Operating conditions for refrigerators during delivery and installation

The delivery of products is best entrusted to representatives of the store or service center. Refrigerator should only be transported in an upright position. It is strictly forbidden to place it horizontally or at an angle during transportation. It is necessary to bring the unit into the apartment on special belts, holding the device vertically. After entering the apartment, installing and adjusting the refrigerator should stand for 4-5 hours in the off state.

Installation of the unit implies the presence of free space. Do not put the refrigerator close to the wall. It is also advisable to place it at some distance from the batteries and windows. The presence of heat waves can adversely affect the efficiency of the cooling system and lead to the need for periodic repair of the refrigerator. It is advisable to install the device on a flat surface. Skewing will lead to deterioration in the functionality of the refrigerator.

Basic operating conditions for refrigerators

Using the device implies the need to follow several recommendations:

Watch for tightness. The door must be closed tightly, otherwise warm air will enter the refrigerator. This will increase the load on the compressor and, accordingly, to accelerate the wear of this part.

Use super freeze mode only if necessary. Otherwise, excessive load will significantly reduce the remaining life of the device and will lead to the need to order repair of the refrigerator.

Maintain a break between turning on and off. Minimum 10 minutes. With less delay, there is a chance of hydraulic shock in a compressor.

Wash the refrigerator periodically. It is enough to do this once every 2-4 weeks. First, the device must be disconnected from the power outlet, then wipe all the shelves and walls. At the same time, no moisture should remain in the refrigerator and freezer.

Do not put heated food in the refrigerator. This will negatively affect the efficiency and durability of the cooling system.

Following these rules, you can extend the effective use of the unit by preventing or postponing a possible repair of the refrigerator for a long time.

Maintenance is an essential condition for operating refrigerators

Periodically, it is necessary to do internal and external cleaning, and the necessary actions do not require special skills:

Dust removal. It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. The main thing is to clean the space not only around the refrigerator, but also under it.

Elimination of an unpleasant smell. The simplest solution is to use ammonia.

Removal of ice. You need to wait until the defrost cycle is complete. Removing ice with a knife and other sharp objects is not recommended, as it might damage system.

It is also advisable to periodically clean the condensate drain hole, otherwise the accumulation of water will cause rust and freon leakage.

How long will the above actions delay the repair of refrigerators?

The faithful implementation of the previously mentioned recommendations will allow you to operate the refrigerator for the period specified by the manufacturer. Repair will be needed only after normal wear and tear on the main components of the unit.

 If the operating rules were violated, and the device ceased to function normally, then repair of the refrigerator should be ordered. San Diego Appliance Servicenter can carry out such work extremely quickly and efficiently, as well as provide recommendations on the proper use of a specific model of the unit, depending on its condition and placement characteristics.

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