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We repair, service and maintain large and small appliances to enhance its performance and service life, and cut down your utility bills.

It’s not a secret that having all household appliances functioning properly is the key to your safety and comfort. It is important to have a reliable partner on the repairing front by hand. Here, at the San Diego Appliance Servicenter
we are focused on delivering best results by working as a team and being attentive to our clients needs.


While being more than 10 years in appliance repair business we faced a number of challenges of different complexity and helped to successfully resolve them!

Besides common appliances we deal with pizza oven repair, front load washer repair, bake repair, mobile refrigerator repair, local heating repair, coin operated washing machine repair, any kind of small appliance repair.


We can even become your “local cooker repair man” or the “oven specialist”, whatever you call it!

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