Dryer repair


Dryer Repair​ San Diego

Dryer repair is a pretty complex and difficult thing to deal with.


If you experience strange rumbling sounds, dryer refusing to dry your clothes or vibrating in a way it is not used to, it is great to have experienced and professional home appliance repair people, who can jump in and help.


At San Diego Appliance Servicenter we work with dryers of different types including:


  • Vented dryers

  • Condensing dryers

  • Heat pump dryers

  • Washer-dryers


Our technicians are fully equipped and use only original spare parts in order to provide household appliance repair services of the highest quality.


Reach out to us at 858-386-0971 and we’ll have you covered!


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Common Dryer Problems

Dryer won’t turn on
Noisy dryer
Wrinkled clothes
Does not tumble
No heat
Takes too long for clothes to dry
Too hot

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