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Microwave Repair San Diego

It is no doubt that microwave has become an irreplaceable household appliance, which helps us cook food faster and makes life easier.

We maintain it by keeping it clean, using containers and covering the food. However, when it breaks down, we feel inconvenience and definitely want someone to provide an asap appliance repair.  


Here at San Diego Appliance Servicenter we have specialists, who are trained to fix microwaves specifically and know the best techniques. We deal with any microwaves related issues from “microwave does not heat” to “buttons do not work to “plate does not spin” or “light-bulb does not turn on” and many others. 


We are available 24/7 for your convenience for large and small appliance repair in the Greater San Diego area.


Reach out to us at 858-386-0971 and we’ll have you covered without any stress!

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Common Microwave Problems

Microwave won’t start
Microwave doesn’t heat
Microwave runs and then stops
Microwave buttons don’t work
Microwave plate doesn’t spin
Sparking inside microwave

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