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Refrigerator Repair San Diego

When you think of one of the most important appliances in your kitchen, isn’t it a refrigerator? Of course, it is! Having it clean and well maintained is super important for food storage. However, in the real world we face a situation when something breaks. It may be one of the biggest emergencies when your refrigerator stops working and it’s great to have a champion who will help fix it fast.


Fridge or mini-fridge repair is definitely among all appliance repair service that we provide at San Diego Appliance Servicenter. Our technicians are very experienced in troubleshooting and fridge repair, no matter if it’s a built-in or a stand-alone one. We use original spare parts and work with the majority of brands on the market, that allow us to provide you with the highest quality service. 


Keep your kitchen humming with San Diego Appliance Servicenter!

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Common Refrigerator Problems

Refrigerator not cooling
Freezer not cooling
Frosted evaporator coil
Faulty evaporator fan
Out of order defrost system
Faulty compressor
Insufficient freon level
Dirty condenser coils
Defective condenser fan
Defective start relay
Defective start capacitor
Faulty thermistor

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