The main causes of oven breakdowns

Modern ovens are very durable, but the oven repair service is in demand. In most cases, the need to order such a service is due to the partial inoperability of the equipment due to a violation of the rules for its operation.

Quite often, repairs are needed due to the damage from external factors. Sometimes the reason for contacting the masters is the natural wear of the elements of the mentioned devices.

Reasons vary. But the only important thing is that almost any oven can be repaired. The main thing is to find a qualified specialist.

How to prevent the need for repair of ovens?

With the intensive use of the oven, you still have to call repairman over time. The difference is that with proper operation of the ovens, you will need it only after 5-10 years (the exception is the poor-quality assembly of the unit). Therefore, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations using the oven in accordance with the supplied user manual.

Particular attention should be paid to the installation of equipment. If installed incorrectly, its service life will decrease dramatically. You should also check the correct operation of the power supply. Power outages can damage equipment. In case of intensive use, it is advisable to clean the oven at least once a week, using special solutions.

When oven repair is required?

If oven starts to turn off spontaneously, does not turn on or shows incomplete functionality, then calling a specialist will be the right decision. A specialist will do diagnostic, and then identify problems and fix it in a short time. You can also try to repair the ovens yourself, but that depends solely on the skill of a particular person.

The most common oven breakdowns are:

Failure of the heating element. Symptom of this problem is uneven or insufficient heating of products even at extreme temperatures. To check the condition of the heating element, it is necessary to turn on the oven, wait for a while and check if element is element is turning red. If the part is not hot enough, you will need to replace it.

Thermostat malfunctioning. If the heater is working properly, then you need to check the thermostat. This should be done with the help of a special tool available from oven repair masters. It is not possible to repair the thermostat in all cases. Usually the part has to be replaced.

Control board issues. Majority of modern ovens are capable of doing self-diagnostic and displaying the error codes. In such case, we recommend that you take user manual and find information on a specific error code. Sometimes failures disappear after rebooting the unit, but obviously you should not count on such luck.

Contact problems. Wires may be damaged or oxidized. It is usually possible to detect a problem visually, without the need for an expensive tool. The solution is the cleaning and soldering contacts.

Regardless of the situation, it is advisable to use original spare parts when repairing ovens. Then the likelihood of re-failure will be significantly reduced.

Is oven repair expensive?

When contacting  appliance repair company, you will need to pay for the labor and reimburse the cost of the replaced parts. With self-repair, you can limit yourself to the cost of parts, but only if you have required tools and materials available.

Often, self-repair of ovens is more expensive than calling a specialist. If in the process of work other elements are damaged or wrong parts purchased, the subsequent costs will override any savings.

Where to order parts?

In fact, there are not many options. While the oven is under warranty, it is advisable to contact the service center specified by the manufacturer. If your case is covered by warranty, professional repairs will be done for free (although the wait time for the repair can reach several weeks). If the warranty has expired, then contacting our company will be the best solution.

We carry out repair of ovens in San Diego on daily basis. We service legacy and new oven models from any manufacturer. Our masters are able to eliminate any malfunction. Therefore contact. We will definitely help you.

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