The main malfunctions of the refrigerator

The refrigerator is a fairly popular household appliance. This appliance is in any kitchen, and every day its door opens several dozen times. Using refrigerators has already become a habit, and perhaps no one can imagine life without them.

And if refrigerator suddenly breaks – it will become a real blow. Fortunately, in most cases, everything is not as scary as it might seem at first glance, and with timely contact with specialists, you can avoid expensive repairs, or sending the device to the nearest junkyard.

What indicates a malfunction of the refrigerator?

Common causes of breakdown of refrigeration units, such as:

  1. no interior light;
  2. strange noise;
  3. leaking water;
  4. ice buildup in freezer or/and refrigerator;
  5. insufficient or, on the contrary, excessive cooling in the refrigerator;
  6. regardless of the condition of the compressor (running or not), there is no cooling;
  7. refrigerator turns off after a couple of seconds after starting.

What are the reasons:

When there is no light, there may be no contact between the outlet and the plug. Also, the bulb often burns out, and the power button breaks. The first two reasons can be easily fixed by owner, and in the third case, it will not be possible to do without appliance repair specialist intervention.

Noise might indicate improper installation or damage to the compressor. In the first case, you can rearrange the refrigerator, but to replace compressor, you must call the master.

The freezing or “ice buildup” indicates a door that does not close properly, or a failure of the temperature regulator. In the first case, it is recommended to check the unit leveling and door gaskets. To fix leveling issue you just need adjust the legs to the desired position. If door gaskets are bad or torn they need to be replaced. With bad thermostat, there is only one possible solution: call a master for repair.

Problems starting the compressor indicate a malfunction of the thermostat, circuitry or start relay. Damage can be eliminated exclusively by a knowledgeable specialist.

When over or undercooling, you should immediately call a specialist. This symptom indicates a rupture of the pipe, a breakdown of the thermostat, the appearance of blockage in the capillary tube, or freon leak.

Regardless of the manufacturer of the equipment, its serviceability will directly depend on the correct operation and compliance with the requirements indicated by the manufacturer. Remember that self-repair can lead to disastrous consequences, and in the absence of relevant knowledge, it will be wiser to turn to specialists.

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